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Groundbreaking in Ghana

Described as the number one corporate address in Accra and lauded as the first green commercial building in West Africa, our appointment by Laurus Development Partners to work on One Airport Square allowed us to support the delivery of Ghana’s most advanced development, while also helping us to cement our reputation in Sub Saharan Africa. 

“This is a major milestone for us. People said it could not be done in Ghana and today, 26 days ahead of schedule, we have all proved them wrong”

Carlo Matta
Chief Executive Officer, Laurus Development Partners

High specifications and creative solutions

We were asked to manage the complex project through construction and handover, and act as client representative for the developer. Our first priority was to build an integrated team and so through an audit of the project, contracts and programme, we were able to help clarify roles, processes and deliverables. Consistent use of mockups and inspections allowed us to keep quality at a premium throughout. Safety standards were also implemented and regularly monitored to minimise risks. 

The need for imported materials meant that logistics needed careful planning, lead times for delivery were long and had to be carefully synchronised with procurement. A high level of expertise and attention to detail was required allowing us to utilise our experience of similar developments to deliver to the high specifications required. 

A sustainable structure

One Airport Square incorporates sustainability features to such a high standard that it has earned Ghana’s first Green Star rating. Natural ventilation and light through the central atrium help minimise energy consumption, and rainwater harvesting collects water to be used for irrigation all resulting in a 30-40 % reduction in energy use. The resulting building is one of modernity and environmental excellence, a real first for the region and a project to be proud of for us. 

“Mace entered the Ghanaian market in 2010 through the programme management for the roll out of Standard Chartered Bank branches throughout the country. The success of this initiative, coupled with achieving the completion of the highly complex structure on One Airport Square has significantly escalated the profile and competency of Mace as a valuable partner of choice within this developing market”

Nick Demain
Director of Sub-Saharan, Mace

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