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The world’s tallest centrepiece

With plans for the world’s fastest double-decker lifts travelling at 12.5 metres per second, the world’s highest observatory and marking the centrepiece of the £13bn, 5.3 million square metre Kingdom City development, the fact that Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia will be the tallest building in the world is just one of the fascinating things about this project.

Where no building has gone before

At over three times the height of The Shard and over 500 feet taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Kingdom Tower will require new and innovative methods of construction. And with two decades of experience delivering high-rise buildings, this is just the kind of project we embrace. And embrace it we have, in a joint venture with EC Harris to provide project, commercial and design management services.

Work started in November 2012 and, faced almost immediately with unique challenges such as a requirement to pump concrete half a mile into the sky, it didn't take long for the project team to realise this was going to be no ordinary project. Undaunted, sleeves were rolled up, the challenge was met head on and once again the team is coming up with new and ever more innovative ways to deliver the seemingly undeliverable. 

The new spirit of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Tower represents the seamless integration of architectural design with engineering expertise. The overall design of the tower is intended to look like a desert plant shooting upwards as a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s growth, and its ambitions for the future. The designer’s vision was “one that represents the new spirit in Saudi Arabia”.

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