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World record breaker

Named as the World’s Furthest Leaning Man-made Tower by Guinness World Records, the iconic Capital Gate tower was built as part of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre project. As project manager, we were tasked with delivering the tower in all its glory complete with a unique twisted diagrid design. Putting the substantial geometrical and structural challenges aside, this project allowed us to stamp this tower’s memorable presence on the skyline of Abu Dhabi.

Twist and shout

An advanced building technique was used to shape the building. Diagrid technology requires less structural steel than a conventional steel frame which reduces cost as well as benefiting the environment. The diagrid is formed by creating triangular structures with diagonal support beams.

The leaning tower of Abu Dhabi

At 160 metres in height, the feature tower leans a stomach-lurching 18 degrees westwards, more than four times that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This was achieved by a precambered core building technique, using a core of concrete built slightly off-centre and reinforced with steel.

The tower has 33 levels, including the basement and includes a five-star Hyatt hotel. The lower levels include a mezzanine floor, three restaurants, offices and basement plant rooms. The 19th floor hosts a fully featured spa and outdoor pool. A structure that honours the past and celebrates the future, the Capital Gate provides an iconic gateway into Abu Dhabi and as a proven world record breaker, it is another candidate for our hall of fame. 

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