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A forgotten jewel

At 31 storeys, overlooking the River Thames and nestled between two iconic bridges: Blackfriars and Waterloo, South Bank Tower forms part of the ongoing regeneration of the South Bank of London. Following two years of preconstruction, construction and logistics advice to CIT and Jadwa, we are now redeveloping this forgotten jewel as main contractor, increasing its height by 11 storeys, remodelling the core to house 191 luxury apartments, retail space and offices. Built in 1971, and not used to its full potential for years, this transformation offers a much needed injection of vitality.

Five projects in one

With countless concurrent workflows and multiple critical paths designed to achieve 11 sectional completion dates, South Bank Tower is like five projects rolled into one – each with its own requirements, challenges and deadlines. This requires innovative thinking such as hanging 11 storeys off the core in a clever cantilever structure, remodelling the core using a ‘cut and carve’ technique and using ‘cradles’ instead of traditional scaffolding. We have also devised a novel lift and pulley system to distribute prefabricated bathroom pods and install prefabricated residential corridor service modules, utilising the best in modern methods of construction.

“Everybody thought the idea of taking a 31 floor tower and adding 11 storeys to it would be a challenge. Mace understood from the start that this is an engineering driven project and are delivering it very well”

Albert Taylor
Co-Founder, ATK II

Making the most of every space

A highly complex job, we are refurbishing and recladding the existing tower, increasing its height with new build elements while retaining most of its existing structures. The site itself is technically challenging, vast and brimming with complexity. All works are taking place above the Waterloo and City line, close to the River Thames and an occupied residential apartment building, and in close quarters to two other construction sites – so logistics and neighbourhood liaison are hot on our agenda.

“Mace has structured the team in a very successful way to deal with the many challenges this project offers, and has kept the job going in a very positive way”

Steve Riddell
Director, CIT Developments

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