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New school rules

As an ambitious plan to give parents more choice and raise education standards, the UK Government launched the Free Schools Programme in 2010. With nearly two decades of experience in the education sector we were intrigued about what this new generation of schools would entail. In 2011 we had our answer when we were appointed as technical advisor on the programme. Since then we have delivered over 100 free schools nationally in collaboration with the Education Funding Agency. 

Refurbish, remodel, rejuvenate

The programme, which adapts to different community needs, does not require the use of traditional buildings for schools which challenges us to find innovative refurbishment and remodelling solutions. To date we have remodelled offices, industrial premises, fire stations and even a World War II bunker into schools.

Our skilled teams work closely with free school trusts delivering design, procurement and construction expertise. We deliver the projects from design to completion, ensuring delivery on time and to budget.

Local expertise, national programme

We are able to deliver schools throughout the UK, using local employees to support a national programme. We provide flexible solutions by using standardised processes and shared learning. We were reappointed in 2013 to provide project management and specialist technical advisory services along with seconding more people into the EFA to fulfill the client side of the role.

Our delivery of this programme has helped us shape the UK’s educational landscape, while also helping shape us. We have learnt the importance of solutions that save costs, challenge conventional thinking and surpass expectations. We are proud of what we can achieve with the Free Schools Programme. 

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