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A graceful vision

Our appointment on the iconic Evelyn Grace Academy underpinned our position as one of the contractors of choice in the education market. With over a thousand pupils, the Academy was the first school to be designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

The Academy was designed to create an exciting, attractive, modern building. The innovative small school model approach was used to subdivide the Academy into four small schools supporting the evidence that this model contributes to student achievement. The visual impact of the school is augmented by pitches and a red running track through the heart of the building - no coincidence as the school specialises in sports. 

“It is very significant that our first project in London is the Evelyn Grace Academy. Schools are among the first examples of architecture that everyone experiences and have a profound impact on all children as they grow up. I am delighted that the Evelyn Grace Academy has been so well received by all its students and staff”

Zaha Hadid

Innovative and sustainable delivery

Through value engineering we shaved £1.5 million from the cost, bringing the project in on budget but without compromising planning consent. Structural completion was achieved in 36 weeks despite changes to the scope to include a temporary school building. The team worked hard to reduce the impact of construction and minimise disruption to pupils throughout.

Sustainability was a priority and the Academy received a BREEAM rating of Very Good thanks to extensive use of renewable materials, a biomass boiler, natural ventilation and lighting controls.

‘Exceptional, adult and unpatronising’

One of the most innovative elements is its response to the challenges faced by pupils in a deprived area. The school provides a high level of order and is designed to treat pupils like adults. What’s more, the Academy won the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize in 2011, praised for its imaginative design in an extremely tight site.

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