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Electrical transformer

The vision? To create a better railway for Britain. The solution? Electrifying the Great Western Mainline, resulting in faster and more reliable journeys for passengers. Drawing on our previous work with Network Rail and our experience as delivery partner on programmes across the world, we are thrilled to be a part of this important upgrade to Britain’s national railway.

As delivery partner, we’re overseeing the structures and clearances portfolio. With thousands travelling the route each day, this is challenging enough, but the route also travels through a World Heritage site and under several listed structures.

On the right track

We began by reviewing the scope and schedule of works, then identifying key performance indicators aligned to Network Rail’s priorities. Our project management experts are supporting Network Rail’s teams while also providing engineering and planning expertise to support in the delivery of this complex and high profile programme. 

Trained utilities expertise

In addition to project and programme management support, our utilities team is liaising with contractors and electricity distributors, leading complex legal discussions to avoid programme delays. The team worked on the diversion of high voltage overhead power lines (OPL) and telecommunication cables. Around 250 lines were originally identified for relocation, but arranging outage could take years. Our experts reviewed plans and implemented a solution that left some cables in place. If also implemented in similar areas, this could save around £15 million.

With savings in time and cost being made, our partnership with Network Rail is already paying dividends. This has been a true team effort, demonstrating the internal and external collaboration that Mace excels at.

“Our central Utilities Management Team has already made a significant impact in the delivery of utilities diversions, which has been welcomed by our Project Managers, contractors, and utility companies alike. Its key contribution is enabling the Great Western Railway Mainline delivery programme to stay on track – a stunning success, well done”

Nigel Fenn
Senior Programme Manager, Network Rail

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