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An urban icon

The Coca-Cola London Eye is one of the most complex engineering projects conceived in modern Britain. As the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world the 135 metre feat of engineering—one of the most complex in modern history—was poised to provide the public and visitors with an urban icon on par with the Eiffel Tower. Using an innovative approach to assembly and delivery, we made the seemingly impossible possible, delivering one of the world’s most recognised structures. 

A breathtaking feat

The 1,200 tonne wheel was built to a demanding construction schedule and needed a robust construction manager. We quickly took on that job, in addition to our initial role as project manager, in order to gain full control of production, coordinate multiple work packages and develop unique solutions for assembly and delivery. 

One such solution was the assembly of the wheel on a temporary platform on the River Thames, before it was hoisted into position during a 17 hour, two-stage lift. Off-site manufacturing for the French designed passenger capsules, each weighing 10 tonnes, also created significant savings in time and cost. With a structure weighing in at over 330 tonnes, over 20 times heavier than Big Ben, the project showed the industry how innovation could be achieved on a massive scale.

A world’s eye view

Since opening in March 2000, the Coca-Cola London Eye has won more than 75 awards for achievements in tourism, outstanding architecture and engineering excellence. Today, it has become, quite literally, the way the world views London. Its success is unquestionable, yet it was conceived, designed and built against considerable odds and we are proud to have been an essential part of this achievement.

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