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On her Majesty’s service

4,000 buildings, 279 locations, over 150 construction projects in 10 years and a supply chain of over 50 companies, our relationship with the FCO has always been an experience in vast numbers. As the FCO’s strategic construction partner it was our job to deliver embassies and consulates across the world from Pakistan to Canada, Denmark to Australia.

A very British identity

Working in remote locations amidst turbulent markets and exchange rate fluctuations has meant that this partnership has never been just about building quality new premises. It is about taking our experience and tailoring it to the exacting needs of whichever location we find ourselves in. It is about completing every project to UK quality and safety standards wherever it is in the world. And ultimately, through creative design and sustainable construction, it is about making the FCO’s existing estate work that much harder, regardless of the rapidly changing global environment.

“[The Seed Cathedral] is a golden opportunity to highlight our contribution to dealing with global challenges such as sustainable development and climate change”

Lord Digby Jones

From just one seed…

Call it a cathedral, dandelion, or something else entirely, the 2010 UK Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo is one of our most inspiring projects with the FCO. The “Seed Cathedral”, comprises over 60,000 acrylic rods whimsically designed to sway in the breeze. Embodying the creativity, innovation and energy of the UK, but delivered according to Chinese design codes and practices, this technically complex, but oh so impressive, structure perfectly embodies our relationship with the FCO: a flexible and seamless mix of local knowledge and practices with UK expertise and innovation.

“The memory of the evanescent design will stay with when other things fade”

Andrew Cahn
Chief Executive, UKTI

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