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13 years, 658 projects, £538 million

Our relationship with Hertfordshire County Council, spanning over 13 years, has been one of our most successful client relationships to date. Over this period we have completed 658 projects and delivered £538 million worth of capital investment.

In the education sector alone, we created over 10,000 new pupil places through school expansion programmes. We also delivered fire stations, adult care facilities, leisure facilities, waste handling facilities, chalk mine remediation works, highways and supported the development of children’s centre premises: the entire gamut of public services.

Simply the way we work

In 2002, Hertfordshire County Council underwent detailed analysis that showed it had used over 40 different contractors in just one year to complete approximately 70 new projects. In response, we created a framework of six contractors carrying out approximately £20 million of construction work per year over a five-year programme. 

We were also asked to consolidate the council’s estate portfolio consisting of 66 buildings in various locations. We successfully transformed the existing inefficiencies into three strategic council campuses in an initiative that became known nationally as ‘The Way We Work’.

Innovation as standard

We have constantly looked to introduce new innovations to improve the services Hertfordshire County Council offers. Not content to rest on our laurels, we introduced the 'Schools' Company' initiative,  a service aimed at improving all schools across the county. We also developed new ways of working for the Council including; a multi-contractor, framework-wide component standardisation scheme, standardised designs and the development of space, area and specification standards, all of which are invaluable in fostering collaboration and service excellence.


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