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Beautifully sustainable

As beautiful as it is sustainable, Ropemaker Place is an example of award winning delivery at its best. Handed over on time and five percent under budget, our delivery for British Land was so exemplary that it produced one of our most rewarding client relationships to date. Its opening to industry acclaim at the height of the recession is a true testament to the commercial, sustainable and aesthetic strength of the building.

A rep to protect

We were appointed to provide project management, cost consultancy and construction management. This was the first time we had been appointed to deliver a truly integrated service.

A quality close out was very important to the client. In response, we mobilised a dedicated team ten months before completion to plan and execute an innovative area-based system in critical areas. We established quality control inspections and compliance regimes before any package works got underway, which captured all quality control and compliance issues.

“The team worked really well together... they welded themselves into an effective team”

Matthew White
Project Executive, British Land

Sustainable, innovative and award winning

As the first building in the City of London to achieve a Platinum rating under the LEED scheme and a BREEAM Excellent rating, sustainability was an obvious driver. We ensured a host of sustainable technologies and features were part of the design, ranging from a tilting double-glazed facade to reduce energy use through to 74 square metres of photovoltaics to generate clean power, and a green roof to stimulate biodiversity.

Sustainable, innovative, commercially successful and ultimately award-winning, Ropemaker truly deserves its place at the forefront of commercial office buildings of the future.

“The quality of the people on the job was of a very high standard and Jonathan Foster was instrumental in ensuring we had the right team on the project. We couldn't have wished for a more successful project – the way Mace delivered Ropemaker was pretty much as good as it gets”

Richard Elliott
Head of Construction, British Land

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