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A global leader

Roche Diagnostics offers a broad portfolio of tools that help in the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases used by researchers, hospitals and laboratories worldwide to help improve lives. We were appointed to provide project management, construction and safety management services on a five year global framework. The appointment not only gives us the chance to help this admirable company with its property needs, but also gives us a strong foothold in a relatively new market for us. 

Investing in a partnership

The first project is a $57 million learning and development centre in Indianapolis, just one of the new facilities planned for the US headquarters for which Roche is investing $100 million. To deliver this vision we have embedded personnel into the client teams to create a seamless partnership. With an impressive blend of skills, knowledge and experience the integrated team is managing the design and delivery of five concurrent projects. 

In a new market our position on the framework was always going to be challenging, but is a testament to the client’s faith in our ability to translate our delivery expertise to the pharmaceutical sector. This is not the only challenge, the projects are also to be completed without disrupting operations or utility supplies on site, all of which will be undertaken under much global scrutiny.

Strength in numbers

With such a complex programme, we have played to our strengths and provided the in-house team with experienced managers, schedulers, project controls, MEP and cost control experts. These teams are looking forward to helping with technically challenging and exciting projects across the globe for this forward-thinking and respected client. 


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