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A perfect fit

Our facilities management business Macro has a relationship with Invesco that began over a decade ago and has developed during that time into a mutually beneficial, not to mention award winning partnership.

Partners across borders

It soon became clear that our model of facilities management fitted perfectly with Invesco’s client-facing culture. Our model, which places a high value on the development of staff, is geared toward customised solutions. The model was such a triumph for Invesco, that in 2009, they proposed expanding our services beyond their UK locations and we readily agreed. Five years on, we now work with Invesco in various locations across the world including the U.S and India.

“The partnership is possible because Macro adapts to all its clients and works with us on what we want to achieve. Sustainability is something I rely on Mace for massively. The team has taken huge steps in terms of customer service and market”

Denise Harrison
Global Director of Property, Invesco

Benefit realisation

Together, we are working to extract the best results from both of our businesses on a global scale. We benefit from the expansion of our service to new geographies to work for other multi-national clients. The benefits we have brought to Invesco speak for themselves. We have delivered a reduction in and more effective management of the supply chain; flexibility in operation; significant cost reductions; centralised finance and improved performance in health, safety and environment. Perhaps most importantly, we have helped Invesco to achieve a global standardisation of process and service, motivating staff through shared objectives. 

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