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An early success story

Credited as helping to shape the Mace story, GlaxoSmithKline’s appointment for us to deliver its flagship European headquarters allowed us to set new benchmarks for speed and innovation. Completed in 30 months, saving £60 million, and achieving a high quality of workmanship and safety records, few other buildings are delivered so quickly yet so expertly. GSK House is an early success story for Mace, and one we are extremely proud of. 

Setting new standards

This truly innovative project made use of some of the most modern construction methods of the time. We were one of the first to use an on-site reprographics facility, digital communications and a fully integrated IT network. We also coordinated the manufacture of one major plant room completely off-site and lifted it into position at roof level.

Fostering community spirit

It was important to foster a culture of trust and strong communication, keeping the client informed of all parts of the development. Working groups were developed in clusters to allow for better planning and coordination. This was also the first time we launched an on-site training academy with over 250 modules attended by more than 2,500 workers, supervisors and managers across 30 months.

The success of this project is undeniable and largely down to the faith GSK placed in us to implement the innovations that have made such an impact on the industry. For us, we thrived on working with such an enlightened client, giving us the space and the opportunity to make that impact. 

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