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Chartering new frontiers

Our commission by British Airways (BA) to deliver its new headquarters was a pioneering moment for us. Not just because it was the largest building project of its time in the UK, but also because it was our first ever joint project and construction management contract. It helped set the bar and show the industry what an integrated service could achieve.

The Waterside building was pioneering in other ways too, comprising 500,000 square feet of offices arranged around an internal 'street' an idea that broke new ground by encouraging staff interaction to expedite decision-making.

Consolidation through construction

We were involved from the outset, developing the initial business case which was supported by a successful public enquiry. As construction manager, we played a major role in every phase combining project and construction management, laying the groundwork for the integrated service delivery model that we use today.

3,000 employees, 40 offices, 1 change programme

The client also sought to transform the way they did business through increased efficiency and collaborative working. Waterside was at the heart of this initiative, and created a catalyst for this change. We embedded BA’s change programme into every stage of delivery, working with the architects to ensure the design emphasised efficient use of space and led to a collaborative working culture. On completion, we assisted in the staff relocation programme and introduced several measures to ease the transition. This led to the successful relocation of 3,000 BA employees from 40 different offices.

The BA Waterside project set high standards for how corporate headquarters were designed and constructed. A decade and a half later, it is still used as an example of excellence in delivery.

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