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Speed fiends

With just eight months to complete a new office building for global Asian investment bank Nomura, this was destined to be no ordinary fit-out job for Como. Undertaking a project of this scale and timeframe means you need to be able to turn to people you can rely on. Nomura’s head of real estate and services had previously worked with the Como team and knew it was a team he could trust.

The trust was well placed. Como worked hand-in-glove with the client to ensure that the project was delivered ahead of schedule. We navigated and delivered the complex project, which included three floors hosting 1,800 dealers, a 210 seat auditorium, a restaurant with a private dining area and a fully equipped gym.

Dedication to delivery

To maintain a consistent quality of delivery across the site while operating to the fast paced schedule, the delivery team was split into several smaller sub-teams, reflecting sections of the building which required completion and the type of work needed. 

With such a tight programme the team couldn't afford to take the risk of a specialist going bust and delaying the job, so we ensured key trades were duplicated to guard against this and to ensure we didn't have all our eggs in one basket.

Team effort

Working with the client and the professional team, the right location was found for Nomura which left less than a year to design, procure and complete the fit-out. With the project team, client and everyone involved co-located on site, decision-making and problem-solving was delivered much more quickly.

“After 18 months of occupancy, I still see a very high quality work environment, one which is still much visited and admired by clients of the company and peers from other organisations, and still very much commented on and appreciated by our people. Its infrastructure remains robust, and systems and services exceed expectations – all achieved within a programme that most would consider impossible”

Tony Bartle
Head of Real Estate & Services, Nomura

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